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The US In Bible Prophecy
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AmericasComingJudgment.com is dedicated to making the holiness, love, greatness, kindness, gentleness, mercy and grace of God known to mankind. To leading sinners to confession, repentance and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  And to making true disciples of Christ's followers.

It is also dedicated to making known that God is Sovereign over the world, that His law is holy and just, that His word contained in the Bible is true and that as a just and holy God He must bring judgment upon the world.  God's judgment is made abundantly clear in His word and since His word is true, it must come to pass.
The intent of bringing people to the knowledge of God, His word and His impending judgment is bringing sinners to the saving grace of Jesus Christ and thereby saving them from the judgment to come. These sinners include those who have never been saved, those who have left the faith, and those who have been deceived by apostate Christian leaders.

AmericasComingJudgment.com has set about to accomplish these goals in accordance with the instruction God gave to the author. On December 11, 2002, while he was journaling, God spoke to him saying:

a time of destruction, devastation, suffering, pain and judgment is coming upon America.

Again  while journaling on February 14, 2003, God spoke and said:

I am calling on you to warn this nation. Warn on what is to come, warn on the condition of this nation, warn on the sin, the backsliding, the lack of prayer, the selfishness, the seeking of pleasure, the form of Godliness and denying the power therein. Warn that they are to have no part with those who deny my power, my authority and my law.

The author has no formal religious training or professional writing experience. He has been totally dependent on God and the Holy Spirit.  He gives all credit for this work to the Lord God of heaven. After completing the workbook Experiencing God in a small group Bible study in 1999, he began to deepen his relationship and walk with the Lord and began to hear the still small voice of God much clearer.

The author had been long of the belief that America was Babylon but believed that much of the descriptions in Revelation 18 were yet to be fulfilled. After discovering The Prophecy Club, the author began to become acquainted to both current and historic events as well as modern prophets which confirmed that America was indeed Babylon and that she had fulfilled or was in the process of fulfilling nearly all the descriptions of Babylon in Revelation 17,18 and the old testament.

After attending a training and equipping event held by The Prophecy Club, the author began to develop his spiritual gifts even further and learned to hear the voice of God even clearer.

The author began writing on scriptural insight that he was getting through prayer and Bible study.  He became convinced that God wanted him to write a book. He lost his job in March of 2002 and began writing. He was writing a book entitled Be Not Deceived. The two volume series The Soon Coming Judgment of God Upon America And How To Escape It grew out of one of the chapters from Be Not Deceived. God asked him to support his conclusions with factual evidence.  

He began researching and writing. It soon became apparent that the chapter was going to develop into a book of its own. Later, after reading hundreds of books and articles and discovering more and more evidence, it became necessary to divide the book into two volumes.

The author has been writing full time from March of 2002 to 2006 and exhausted all of his personal assets in his steadfastness to complete this project.

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