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Finding Comfort, Strength, Peace, Hope, Truth, Life, Healing
and Guidance Through Prayer

Millions of Christians around the world are under stress, they are hurt, confused, they feel lost, they are worried about loved ones and much more.  Prayer is our weapon against the concerns of the world.  Prayer gives us access to God and God hears our prayers and comes to the rescue.  God doesn't take away our troubles but he helps us get through them.  He provides comfort for the hurting, peace for those under stress, He give hope to the hopeless, guidance for those who don't know where to turn, healing and strength.  He also provides protection for us and our loved ones.

The Prayers below can be downloaded.  They are in Word format so you can make any changes you desire to meet your personal needs and preferences.
Personal Prayers Prayers For Family Prayer For Nation
Personal Daily Prayer
Daily Prayer for Family & Friends
Prayer for the USA
Prayer For Experiencing God

The Sinner's Prayer (Prayer To Accept Christ)

                                Soon Coming Judgment of God Upon America
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