The Iniquity of America is Now Full

Tom Deckard heads the ministry of Cradle of Hope. He has a very active international prophetic ministry and has a monthly newsletter. His prophecies are very accurate. Stan Johnson of the Prophecy Club says that Tom has a 100% accurate fulfillment record.

In The End Time Messenger newsletter, Tom provided the following word from the Lord in June/July 1994:

“This nation has become a stench in the nostrils of G-d and it is too late to turn His judgement back. G-d’s spirit will no longer strive with America and America is in for a long hard fall. I realize this is not what people want to hear, but this is what the L-rd is saying.

“America prepare thyself to receive the judgements of your G-d. I gave thee of the fatness of the land and put strength within thee to overcome nations and kingdoms. But you now think that it was something that you have done within your selves to have accomplished these things. Woe unto you and your mighty men of valor. For I the L-rd G-d shall bring to nought your strength and ability to overcome. It is I the L-rd G-d that does bring forth kings and nations and it is I that tears them down. You have become an abomination to me. Your priests and seers are as sleeping dogs that have refused to repent and seek me with a whole heart. They minister for their own gain. I the L-rd G-d will bring them to nought and turn them over to believe a lie. I will cause the storms, earthquakes, and floods to become stronger and more frequent. I will send a sword through the land and will cause families to be at odds one to another, killing and being killed. Tumult will be throughout the land and your streets will run with blood. Famine will I send in the land and you will watch as your children die from hunger. I tried over and over again to reason with you O’ nation, but you would have me not. We will now see as you have thought to have become your own god if you can deliver these people in their time of trouble. I will laugh at you and call you a foolish nation. You have forsaken the Living G-d and I have now forsaken you. You will know in the end that I am the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I was in the beginning and so shall I be in the end.

“These are not things that are going to take place overnight. It will transpire very slowly as it already has; seemingly as though there has been nothing take place. This nation has become accustomed to all the storms, earthquakes, fires, floods, and everything else that the L-rd has sent to try to get the attention of the church and this nation.

“The days that lie ahead for the United States and the world are going to become very trying times. The church is slipping deeper and deeper into a coma from which, only a remnant will awaken. It is this remnant that will do the great exploits in these last days.

“We must keep the faith and not be drawn into the snare that is now set for all mankind.”

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